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My advice is taken from years of experience and reading various literature on the subject, I am not a qualified veterinarian so if you have any serious concerns about the health and wellbeing of you ferret please take it to a vet, his or her number should be in your phone or close to hand, your pets and their quality of life are your responsibility and one which should not be taken lightly.


Below are a few of the questions I have been asked and the answers I gave.



Will a female ferret die if she is not mated?

A Jill (female) ferret can suffer from oestrogen-associated anaemia, a deficiency in red blood cells which can lead to her death. To prevent this from happening you can use a Vasectomised hob (male) ferret to mate with her, take her to the vets and get a Jill jab or if you do not plan on breeding from her in the future then you could consider neutering.

There are benefits and risks to each of these methods and I would suggest consulting a qualified Vet to discuss the correct option for you and your ferret.


What do ferrets eat ?

Ferrets are carnivores (meat eaters) and as such the ideal diet is raw meat, and where possible feed the whole carcass as ferrets will eat the entire animal, including bones, fur and offal. Try to vary their feed by giving  chicken, chicken wings with the bones, rabbit, pigeon, Quail, minced beef, heart, liver, day old cockerels, rats and mice.

Dry kibble is also available but remember if you choose to feed dry food then buy the type specifically manufactured for ferrets. I generally provide my ferrets a diet of both dry food and meat.


What size cage do I need ?

If you are keeping a single ferret in an outdoor cage then it would need to be 3 feet long x 2 feet deep x 2 feet high minimum, but the bigger the better.


Do ferrets make good pets ?

Ferrets are friendly, inquisitive, intelligent animals and make excellent pets providing you take the time to bond with them and handle them daily. Ferrets tend to sleep for long periods throughout the day especially when young but when they wake they are extremely active and will get up to all sorts of mischief if not supervised. Their intelligence makes them interesting pets, and although they are able to amuse themselves when you are not around they do require your attention and interaction for their mental and physical wellbeing.


Do ferrets bite ?

Young ferrets must be taught not to nip or bite in much the same way that puppies are taught that nipping is unacceptable, when young ferrets nip it is very rarely aggressive, and is generally play, simulating hunting, they will have spent much of their young lives wrestling and play fighting with their litter mates and they will not understand what hurts you and what doesn't hurt you until you set the boundaries, this must be done without harming your ferret or causing it to fear or mistrust you.


How long can a ferret live?

Generally a domesticated ferret will live upto 8 years old. My oldest ferret an albino hobb called Winston lived to 10 years old, His full sister Freya died at 9 years old.



Will ferrets be ok with other pets?

There is not a simple answer to this one and a great deal depends on both the ferret and the other pet. Some cats, and some dogs will get along with ferrets, however it will still be necessary to supervise any interaction closely to protect both the ferret and the other pet. Ferrets must not be left with small pets (Rabbits, hamsters, mice and the like) or birds.
















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